Prevent health issues

Diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative diseases, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, ...
Avoid them or resolve them through exercising and / or healthier nutrition. Your Personal & Lifestyle Trainer will assist you.

You want to enjoy life, spend your day energetically and enjoy moving without pain or discomfort?
You look forward and want to take action before you are faced with physical limitations?
You are looking for a quality solution addressing your search for a permanent fitness level you're proud of?
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Prevent - Diabetes

The disease of the future, unless the hardworking medical world discovers a pill to eradicate diabetes. There are already children of 10-12 year old diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it doesn't look like this situation will improve soon.
Type 1 diabetes is a metabolic disorder whereby the pancreas is unable to make insulin itself.
Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. Here, the body produces insulin but still inadequate and the body cannot efficiently use the insulin.
A lack of exercise and poor quality nutrition makes our blood sugar level swing up and down. We often compensate a lack of energy with fast sugars, coffee or caffeine-rich beverages to boost us again.
Do you have your daily dip?
How do you get through it?

Prevent - Hypertension and cardiovascular disease

High blood pressure or hypertension is a 'silent killer', we don't see or feel it immediately and therefore often don't even worry about it.
And yet, 2.4 million Belgians suffer from hypertension!
Healthy nutrition and your daily dose of exercise will prevent a lot of misery in the long run.

Prevent - Degenerative diseases

Degenerative diseases are due to wear and tear or aging of the body such as affected bones and joints, affected vascular system or a general deterioration of vital and less vital functions.

Do you wish to stay longer young and vital?
Do you want to keep the strength in your bones and joints?
Do you want to support your vascular system?

It's possible, both through exercise and nutrition!

The Fat Decimator System

Prevent - Cancer

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases affecting people these days.
According to the National Cancer Institute, 80% of all cancers are caused by identifiable factors and thus potentially avoidable. 30% of all cancers are due to tobacco, as much as 35-50% due to nutrition. It is quite easy to manage these and other risk factors.

So we al have potential cancer in our body and it is only a matter of keeping the cancer small and don't let it develop. Stress is an important factor influencing the growth of cancer. So don't give cancer a chance and de-stress on a regular basis!
Physical activity can play an important role in de-stressing.
Another factor in keeping cancer small is nutrition. You can, for example, influence the angiogenesis (blood supply to the cancer cells) by using specific nutrients
Prevent breastcancer with Alpha-Linolenic Acid.

Prevent - Obesity

The most common way to measure obesity is the BMI (Body Mass Index): the body weight in kilograms divided by the square of body height in meters. Please note BMI does not differentiate between muscle and fat tissue.
Measure your body composition.

A person with a BMI of 25,0 kg/m2 or more is considered 'overweight', a BMI of more than 30,0 kg/m2 is considered obese. A further threshold is 40,0 kg/m2 which is identified as an urgent morbidity risk (morbid obesity). The WHO (World Health Organization) considers a BMI between 18,5 and 25 ideal for a healthy individual (while several resources consider a person with a BMI of 20 or less as 'too light').
BMI is not a full diagnosis, because it doesn't consider the fat distribution in the body and it ignores the relative contribution of fat, muscles and bones to the total body weight. A muscular athlete (muscles weigh more than fat) can be classified by BMI as too heavy, while, incorrectly, a 'normal' BMI can be diagnosed in case of an elderly person with a very low fat free body composition.
A BMI-score alone is inadequate to diagnose because the BMI is unable to distinguish fat from lean body mass and doesn't take into account the dangerous abdominal fat.

Measure you body composition.

It won't be new to you that physical activity and healthy nutrition are very important in preventing overweight and obesity.
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