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What do you already know about antioxidants?
Which antioxidants do you already know?
What do you know about anti-oxydants?

We are daily exposed to oxidative stress, ie stress due to oxygen.

Stress due to oxygen?

Oxygen affects us, just like iron rusts by oxygen also our body is affected, we call it 'aging' or 'wearing out'.
It is a completely natural phenomenon we can not escape from, because we simply need oxygen to live.

Free radicals

The oxidation process produces free radicals. These free radicals cause cells to age and they may be harmful to our body on the long term: they can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and cataracts.
The free radicals arise from normal metabolic and immune processes and from the environment: solar radiation, pollutants, cigarette smoke and ozone.

Free radicals and sport(s)

Should we protect athletes against oxydative stress? We need oxygen to stay alive but meanwhile it makes us older and attacks our cells. We can protect ourselves against the oxydative stress by taking more anti-oxydants. Do professional athletes need more anti-oxydants or not? And what about recreative sports? Give us your opinion!


Antioxidants are substances which are part of our nutrition and which exercise a protective function, including anti-aging. Hence the cosmetics include them in their face creams and related products.
It is up to you to decide how you will take antioxidants, dermal or through nutrition, because you can not just rub your face but also eat them.
There are many different antioxidants with different functions. Therefore it is so important to have lots of variation in our nutrition.

The Fat Decimator System

Protecting omega 3 fats

The necessary oxygen also affects us at the cellular level. It is at this level that we should protect us. There is a lot of discussion about omega 3 fats and their importance to our health. Omega 3 fats or fish oils are consumed en masse due to their healing activity (for example inflammatory).
We must not forget to protect these chemically unstable fats against oxidative stress, otherwise a good element becomes a negative one.
Remember, for example, when buying your healthy fats such as olive oil, choose a dark bottle, preferably at the end of the shelve (in the dark), because also light and high temperature damage these fats. A large bottle of olive oil which is almost empty is seriously affected by the amount of oxygen in the bottle.
Since we have a body temperature of about 36°C also our body fats are affected. 1 solution: antioxidants!

Types of antioxidants

Examples: Vitamin C, vitamin E, B-carotene, Selenium, Zinc.
Q10 is a powerful antioxidant, provides a lot of energy and is easily available as a supplement. An absolute must for athletes or when getting older.