Prevent stress

Is it possible these days to not have stress?
Maybe we need stress to perform well or to stay alive?
Is there a difference between acute and chronic stress?
What is the impact of stress on our body, on our health?

Stress in our society

We live in a very demanding society. Already at young age, children are prepared to become top performers and parents are encouraging excellent performances at schools, in clubs, ... and hopefully also in the area's of nutrition and health.

It is unlikely that we will escape this performance society, unless you choose to spend your life among the Buddhists in Nepal.

Adapt and adjust

We do have the ability to adapt us to the circumstances, to ensure we can cope with stress, to have a high resistance against 'stressors'.
The stress response of the body (fight-or-flight response) gives us energy and keeps us strong. It would not be the first time that someone who worked his whole life, is retired for one week and ... dies!
Acute stress keeps us alive, alert and active!

Another story is the chronic stress, which exhausts us and potentially drives us into the direction of a 'burnout' and sometimes even CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
Our adrenals are exhausted, the healthy stress reactions disappear and we become tired. Some people are searching for a boost in food or certain activities, but eventually the batteries get emptied.

The Fat Decimator System

How to reduce stress?
Prevention by a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and regular exercising.
Awareness of your stressors and stress reactions, so you can dose on time.

Stress and exercising

Exercising is also a stress to the body, but one that works differently. You can not think of two things at once so good exercising puts your thinking on a different track. By physical activity stress hormones are released which energize us and also other substances are released which give us a good and relaxed feeling after the effort. (Depends on the type and intensity of the effort.)

Stress and nutrition

When we are stressed, we need more protective substances, like vitamins and minerals. When training muscles the consumption of Magnesium increases, which in turn is important for a lot of other processes in our body.
Arm yourself sufficiently and build a healthy resistance to stress and stressors.

Do you wish to de-stress or become more stress resistant through physical activity?

Do you wish to de-stress or become more stress resistant through nutrition?
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