Act2 have more energy by nutrition

Does our current nutrition provide us with enough energy? Which nutrients are essential for a good energy level? Why is it so difficult to convert nutrition into energy and instead it is converted into ... FAT? How healthy is healthy?
There is a lot of discussion whether our nutrition is as healthy as we think and especially... whether it is adequate to provide us with key nutrients. So we might not lack the 3 main elements (fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates) but possibly we lack micronutrients (vitamins, minerals,...) required to convert the main elements into energy! A solid foundation of healthy nutrition is imperative and we believe it is definitely worthwhile to consider food supplements.

Are food supplements harmful?

Not at all, we should better ask the same question about our current nutrition? All the acidic food and beverages affect our bones and increase the chance on cancer. Do you give your child soft drinks?
Factors like stress and pollution dramatically increase the need of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Do food supplements work?

Very good question! How can you find out? By believing us or someone else? Or by trying them out yourself?

Can we advice you a supplement that you will feel for sure?

And another one for the active and professional athlete.

The Fat Decimator System

Quality of nutrition

If you eat too much, you know you can do something about the portions. If you feed low quality food, better quality will give you better results.
Did you know that we often eat more because of the poor quality of food?
When our body does not receive enough nutrients it just wants more.
If you nourish with better quality food, you will notice that you will gradually eat less.
'I like to eat exuberantly and I do not want to change my eating habits!' No problem, choose the same products but go for the better quality: if you want a pizza, chose the best pizza.
If you want a hamburger, go for the best quality hamburger!
In tip number 6, 7 and 8 we will go deeper into the matter 'nutrition'.

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Act2 ... boost your energy level

We have a habit of energizing ourselves with coffee, fast sugars or other stimulating products. Please keep in mind they can affect your health in a negative manner. Think only of the epidemic numbers regarding diabetes!

Act2have more ... energy by physical activity

Does physical activity give us more energy?
Sure, do you have any idea what the determining factor is? Oxygen!
Oxygen is very important to transform our nutrition/body fat into energy, that's why it's so rewarding to perform cardiovascular training. We also experience some hormonal advantages, depending on the kind of activity.
Sports or movements which are full of surprises or which are competitive and adventurous, release more stress hormones (such as adrenaline and noradrenaline), which in turn will help releasing energy