Act2 eat healthy

In our Western world we see food as energy, in the Eastern world food is considered to be a medicine. A good and balanced diet is essential in our human functioning. Everyone is unique and requires an individual approach. So ask for the 'Lifestyle Training' formula.

Is our nutrition still sufficient?
Am I healthy if I eat healthy?
Do I need more food if I exercise a lot?
I'm stressed, does it have an impact on my nutrition?

These are only a few examples of the logical questions we hear daily.

Nutrition will remain an eternal point of discussion. Since nutrition is different for everyone, there are unfortunately no general programs that work for all of us.

For this reason, nutrition counselling requires an individual approach, although you can learn the basic principles in a group. We opt for educational guidance, so that everyone can integrate the basic principles into his or her lifestyle, considering family situation, taste, volume, quality of nutrition,...

Through this integration one obtains an individual program that can be further enhanced by 'trial and error'.

'Trial and error'?!

Health professionals sometimes dare to suggest a 'formula for success', assuming that everyone will be successful in it. Unfortunately the reality is quite different and we often require several attempts to find our way.
Always start from healthy nutrition and optimize if possible.
Remember that every failed attempt different from a 'natural diet' brings your body out of balance. For that reason we don't like meal replacements or strict diets.
Top 10 tips for healthy and permanent weight loss!

Dietary supplements: sense or nonsense

What do you think of the quality of our nutrition nowadays? Good? Not good? Why? Do you think that the quality of our nutrition will improve in the future? Yes? No? Why? Do you have any idea why supplements are already added to our nutrition? (Think of all advertising containing added anti-oxidants, vitamins,...) What do you know of RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance)?
We all have already made our choice but everyone is free to make their own. Since we would rather choose to stay healthy (preventive) than to become sick (curative), we have to go for healthy nutrition and use supplements when our nutrition is not sufficient.

Do food- supplements work?

You will find out soon by trying!
Probably you will not instantly feel the effect of any product because it depends on its function in our body. You will for instance not feel the protective function of some anti-oxydants in your energy level. Starting with a product that you actually feel will help you gain confidence in supplements.

The Fat Decimator System

Are food supplements harmful?

They are especially created to support our nutrition and our health and are completely safe when you follow the quality guidelines and respect the recommended quantity. Please ask yourself the same question regarding your current nutrition, soft drinks, fast sugars, saturated fats, ... and hopefully you'll never need them ... your medicines!
Have you noticed that it is almost impossible to buy a product NOT containing extra vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, ...?
So basically you already take a form of food supplements, only at very low dose.
Do you have any idea why products are full of these extras?
Would you agree that the food industry already knows their products contain very little essential substances?
Don't be confused with their advertising and marketing tools because the extra additions are always in very small quantities and negligible. Quite a lot of people already choose for products with such extras because they assume that those are healthier products.
Did you know that the RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance) are different in every country?
Then you understand that nutrition is unclear and will forever remain a point of discussion!

Nutritional supplements are expensive!

That's right and it is a pity! Necessary medicines are massively repaid and nutritional supplements are not. This is currently a weird fact about our society: we are tremendously supported in fighting diseases, but only moderately supported in their prevention.

Hopefully our insurance companies will eventually understand that prevention of diseases caused by malnutrition (obesity, diabetes, degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, ...) will cost them less than fighting them.
Investing in healthy nutrition and supplements requires a certain 'preventive' mindset and requires effort.
Can I therefore ask you a question?

Being healthy costs money. Being sick costs money.
In which situation do you prefer to be?

Quality of food supplements

Every day, good and innovative products are released into the market and it may be that you lose overview of their quality and functioning.
In any case, don't just choose the cheapest product. For example, it would be regrettable that you choose NON-purified fish oil and have more disadvantages than benefits.

Most companies have lots of information concerning their products, so don't hesitate to investigate.
If you don't feel like figuring it out yourself, have someone with the necessary knowledge and experience assisting you.