What is 'Functional training'?

'Functional training' or training in function of what you want to do: soccer, golf, jogging or just lifting your child. Closing the gap between exercise and moving functionally will ensure that the movements and their positive effects can be used in everyday situations or (top) sport performance.
How do you stretch? Does stretching for playing soccer, basketball, volleybal or running looks the same for you? Is it possible that we can make a difference in preparing the body, depending on the activity? Did you ever hear about 'functional stretching'? What is your idea about this topic?

Examples: How can supine abdominal training help with activities in upright positions?
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Can I derive from your exercises the activity you are training for?
How can you train 'functionally' with back pain?
Back program 'back' to basics.

We approach the body as a chain and we will also train it as a chain. We will go as much as possible for full body exercises and a logical starting position.

Boost your performance

'Perform better at work'

Do you have a sedentary profession? Do you have to lift a lot? Do you have plenty of variation and do you wish to perfom better at work, to feel fit in general?
'Perform better at work' is a program aimed at employers and employees to achieve better performance at work. Do you, for instance, have a sedentary profession? Do you know the negative effects of a sedentary profession on your body? Effects on your hips, back, respiration and even your knees?
Act2Prevent will visit your company and present unique 'tips and tools' that you can apply at any time, any place throughout your life. Handy? Useful?
A lot has been said about prevention of back pains, approaches, exercises,... but for some unknown reason, the number of complaints concerning back pains doesn't decrease. On the contrary! Any idea why?
Do we have to work too hard? Lift too many heavy things? Sit down too long? Are we weaker than our parents?
The cause of back pains will be different for everyone, but most likely our sedentary lifestyle has something to do with it, combined with a lack of movement.

Back program 'back' to basics.

When you have your own business, I don't have to tell you how important it is to stay fit and healthy for your business to continue to run. Through 'bio-ergonomics', we ensure that the movements and exercises will help you to perform better in your job or business.
Time is money, so use your time efficient. We teach you how to optimize your workout time and how to use these insights together with some creativity to do 'your thing' whenever, wherever.
One can already find plenty of tips to lift better, sit better, move safer. We will not repeat these helpful tips in this 'back program' however we will add a new factor: BIO-ERGONOMICS.
To better understand the insights of bio-ergonomics, we will first go through a number of basic principles of the human movements. Some of them we have already discussed, others are new.

Back program 'back' to basics.

Database of 70 functional exercises

'Perform better in health'

Do you regularly deal with small or larger injuries? Do you have back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or other physical complaints?
'Perform better in health' is a health program providing you insights into the human function, explaining how injuries occur and especially how to get rid of them forever!
We focus on mobility and flexibility, since we assume that an overload often occurs due to a link in the chain (our body) that doesn't work as it should.
DVD: Injury prevention and strength training through mobility and flexibility
Healthy nutrition is the foundation of a good energy level and better performance. Combine healthy nutrition with optimal physical activity and your health will be thankful!

You are already healthy, but you want to excel in prime condition?
... and you are looking for the best workout?
... and you are looking for the best nutrition?
... and you are looking for your best shape?
... and you are looking for your highest energy level?

Act2Prevent has the best insights and tools to help you achieve your goal.
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'Perform better in sports'

Do you love sports and you'd like to perform better?
You are already very good at sports and you want to work on the details to become even better?
You don't want to leave anything to chance and you'd like to optimize your sports performance?
You want to work preventively to reduce chances of injury?
You want to develop knowledge and skills in the physical aspect of your sport?
Boost your performance

3D functional stretching with 'True-stretch-station'.

Train 'functional' (meaning depending on your sport) and you are on the right track.
We still see too many (top) athletes making illogical movements in preparation for their sport. For this reason, Act2Prevent has developed a DVD to provide soccer players the knowledge and insights into the physical preparation of their sport (the principles can be used perfectly in all other sports).
Are Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries epidemic in soccer?
There is still a lot of good information we'd like to share with the athlete, especially in the area of injury prevention and strength training!
Database of 70 functional exercises

10 good reasons why (professional) soccer players better don't work out using strength machines
Functional stretching for youth soccer players
How functional stretching can help you to perform better?
Stability training for soccer players...a different point of view.

The Fat Decimator System

Perform better by 'Functional stretching'

We prepare our body through functional stretching for strength development. If you are more flexible and you're able to increase your movements, then you will bring more stretch to your muscles.
This will not only protect you more against muscle injuries (particularly) but will also help you to develop your strength. This is one of the reasons why we opt to perform strength training detached rather than working with machines.
If we train detached, it's anyway a lot easier to make more and bigger movements and to start from stretch. Our body and muscles function as an arc. The further you can tighten the arc, the larger the strength development will be. In this way stretching will help us to perform better, to develop more strength, to move better,...
Soccer DVD: 'injury prevention and strength-training by mobility and flexibility'
Functional stretching for runners, basketball, volleyball and soccer (both players and coaches)

The importance of abdominal training in sports

We still see a lot of athletes performing abdominal exercises in a supine position while performing their sport activity in stance, just think of football, basketball, volleyball, ...
When we better understand the human motions and how our body, muscles and nervous system works, we can conclude that there is only few 'positive' transfer of practicing in supine position to ... sports in stance.

Worldwide there are too many people performing the classic 'crunch' (an improved version of the sit-up) and my experience, by working with professional athletes and clubs, taught me that there is still a lot of progress to be made in abdominal muscles training.
Often the coaches are not adequately trained in this matter and keep these older 'methods' tight. Through our concept 'Transform yourself into an athlete' we help coaches and players to understand how abdominal muscles work and we demonstrate through examples how to train more 'functionally'.

Functional training of abdominal muscles

Currently there is much to do about abdominal training and stabilization training. Which part is actually unstable and how do we work on that?
How will abdominal muscles help us stabilizing?
There are many examples of how to stabilize your abdominal muscles and trunk, but we don't agree, at least if you assume that you stabilize by keeping motionless.
On each page of our website, you can subscribe to our FREE and functional abdominal muscle program. It's an educational program which is not full of examples but which makes you think about the current way of performing abdominal training and which will explain step by step how you can train your abs in a more functional way. As the weeks progress you will gather more and more insights into this matter and we will show you how you can train your abs in a simple and more logical way.

Stability training for soccer players...a different point of view.
Functional abdominal training for soccer goalkeepers

Concept: 'transform yourself into an athlete'

From July 2010, Willem Timmermans started working with KV Mechelen (1st division Belgium) as chief 'Long Term Physical Development'.
KV Mechelen will kick of the educational concept 'Transform yourself into an athlete', in which we will train young and talented soccer players in the area's of nutrition, injury prevention, strength training, flexibility training, working with a heart rate monitor, ...
It's not only our intention to create better athletes but especially athletes with more knowledge and skills. In this way, young players also grow at a personal level, which leads to 'more freedom' during independent or individual (extra) training. Soccer is a team sport but at the end the individual performance will determine which level one can attain.
It's our goal to shape strong personalities which are equipped with the most up to date knowledge and experiences when they complete their youth training in order to further develop their career at a physical level.

'Lactate test and cardiological investigation elite players KV Mechelen'

DVD: Injury prevention and strength training through mobility and flexibility
What can we learn from the Cybex test for (professional) soccer players? Or not learn?

'Perform better in life'

What is the definition of 'general fitness'?
What are the advantages of an excellent fitness for you and your environment?
How fit are you and how fit do you want to become?

'Feel good, wake up and feel energetic throughout the whole day, be flexible in mind and body, be strong and be able to run a long time, enjoy my hobbies and family life, be free of injuries,...'
What is your personal definition of 'general fitness' and what are the items you'd like to work on?
How would you do it and where would you need help?

Most likely we have a customized program for you!
Take a look at our offer and let us know if we meet your demand.
Should we protect athletes against oxydative stress? We need oxygen to stay alive but meanwhile it makes us older and attacks our cells. We can protect ourselves against the oxydative stress by taking more anti-oxydants. Do professional athletes need more anti-oxydants or not? And what about recreative sports? Give us your opinion!
What do you know about anti-oxydants?

Perform better by ... better feet!

'When the foot hits the ground, everything changes!'
Gary Gray, PT

The function of muscles changes depending on the starting position. Once we get on our feet, it's important that everything in the foot is functioning properly. We are seeing more and more injuries which have their cause in the foot (feet) and we are convinced that a 'foot-specialist' plays an essential role in performing your sports and moving healthy.
Podiatry is not really known yet in our region and the number of qualitative professionals is very limited. We are sure that Podiatry will create a huge development in our health and sports world.
We have already taken the necessary steps to include Podiatrist Thorbjorn De Brul in our Act2Prevent-team and we are pleased to expand our Personal Training Studio with a 'Podiatry Day'.
Podiatrist Thorbjorn will be available on Saturday (8 AM - 2 PM) for biomechanical examinations of the foot and the kinetic chain (1.5 hours).
More information or making an appointment.